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Health benefits of straight teeth and types of teeth straightening treatments

Many people today no doubt take their dental health and hygiene very seriously, we always want to make sure that we are providing the best possible care for our teeth by brushing it and flossing regularly. Some also try to make it a habit of visiting the dentist regularly so as to keep their dental health in check, all of which are very commendable efforts on our part.

For those who may be suffering from crooked teeth, however, the routine is quite different and may require some little extra effort on your part in taking good care of your teeth and successfully achieving a straight teeth alignment. This would definitely require that you take a visit to an orthodontist – a doctor who specialises in teeth straightening, to diagnose and recommend the kind of teeth straightening treatment that will be most suitable for you.

Asides from having a bright and confident smile, there are numerous other health benefits associated with having straight teeth that so many people have no idea about or may know but take for granted. Having straight teeth can significantly impact on your overall dental health and general well-being, therefore, you need to take appropriate steps to correct a misaligned teeth as soon as possible.

This article will enlighten you about the health benefits associated with teeth straightening and the various types of braces and teeth straightening treatments available that you can employ. You should, however, visit your orthodontist to perform a proper diagnosis on your misaligned tooth problem and make proper investigations as regards to which teeth straightening treatment to adopt before using it.

Some of the health benefits of teeth straightening include:

Enjoy healthier teeth and gums
Crooked teeth with almost certainly cause serious periodontal problems for you. This is a disease that is usually characterised by swollen, red and bleeding gums and may result in the loss of a tooth if not properly and expediently treated. Having a properly aligned teeth is the strongest and healthiest defence against swollen gums and it will prove very effective at protecting you from potential periodontal problems.

Allows for easier and simpler cleaning
Misaligned, crowded and unevenly spaced teeth can be a huge obstacle to the effective brushing and flossing of your teeth due to the hidden food particles trapped in difficult to reach crevices of the teeth. When these food particles remain in the tooth, it can lead to the buildup of plague which will eventually result in tooth decay. By making use of the right teeth straightening option as prescribed by your orthodontist, you will have a perfectly aligned teeth which will allow for easier and simpler cleaning of those difficult to reach areas of your tooth.

Enjoy clear speech
Some severe cases of crooked teeth can cause speech impediments that may adversely affect a person’s confidence and social life. When your teeth are not properly aligned in a straight way as it should, it can make it difficult for you to express yourself confidently to others either in school or at work, thus becoming a detriment to your overall performance. Unless you tackle this problem it will make you have less confidence in yourself when communicating with others. Having straight teeth absolves you from all that and enables you to express yourself and speak clearly and confidently to your audience without any inhibitions.

Minimises injuries to your soft tissues
A crooked tooth will inevitably cause chewing difficulties and an improper bite which can cause injuries to your soft tissues if left untreated. You may unconsciously push the tooth against the soft tissues in your mouth, chewing into places it shouldn’t go, constantly wearing off the tooth enamel and in the process cause cuts, sores, and infections in the affected areas in the mouth. However, by applying proper teeth straightening treatments like braces, you can greatly reduce the extent of damage the crooked teeth causes to your soft tissues.

Safeguards your overall health
As earlier noted, crooked teeth can cause tooth decay due to the presence of bacteria, which in turn can result in oral infection causing bad breath and gum disease when left untreated. Your general well-being is at risk when you have crooked teeth and taking medications will not provide you with a permanent solution, you need to attack the root cause of the problem and that means applying appropriate teeth straightening treatments.

Now that you’ve learnt the health benefits of having straight teeth, here are some teeth straightening treatments to consider that will leave you with beautifully straight teeth and a confident smile. They are grouped into braces of two types – cosmetic and traditional braces.

Cosmetic Braces

This category of braces include;

Inman Aligner – this particular type of braces is especially recommended for its speed. It can help treat crooked teeth within six to 18 weeks.

Invisalign – this is the most popular braces used globally. Its major appeal is that unlike other braces that use metals or wires, it uses a completely clear gum shield, making it almost invisible when worn over the teeth. Treatment with this braces typically takes between 9 and 18 months.

Lingual braces – which also includes Incognito braces are known for its discreet nature. They work as regular braces but are usually fitted to the inside arch of the teeth, completely out of view. They are very versatile and can be used to treat a number of misaligned teeth issues ranging from crowded teeth too wide gaps. This type of treatment usually takes between six to twenty-four months depending on your specific circumstances in regards to the situation with your teeth.

Traditional Braces

This category of braces include;

Six Month Smiles – this type of braces is either a fixed or removable retainer and it uses a system of discrete brackets and tooth-coloured wires in its treatment. They focus mainly on the teeth that are visible when you smile and thus are regarded as a cosmetic solution and not suitable for complex orthodontic problems.

Damon braces – these braces are known for their reduced treatment time and are available with clear brackets, which makes them less noticeable and cosmetically acceptable.

Adult braces, in other words, orthodontic treatment can be expensive, but one should take into account the overwhelming benefits it will bring to their life. You can find dental clinics who do braces for adults almost everywhere. You might be advised to get invisible braces, clear braces or Invisalign braces from people you know, however, do remember to get professional advice from someone who carries out treatment of irregularities in the teeth, before choosing your treatment, this is the best advice to follow.

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